Who are we?

OnTales is a company born in 2015 by the vision of someone with latent love for the seas of Madeira. His enthusiasm and vision about the potential tourism of the sea of Madeira led him to the acquisition of his first vessel, a motor-powered micro yacht that was completely revised and improved. These repairs fill the collaborators of OnTales with pride, for it's quality and precision applied in the preparation of the vessel for maritime tourism.

Our fleet

The Miranda

  • Model Bayliner 2355 Ciera
  • Engine: 5L V8 Mercruiser 220HP Petrol
  • Cabin 1
  • WC 1
  • Bar 1
  • Heated external Shower 1
  • VHF radio
  • Depthsounder
  • GPS

The Calcamar

  • Official number 13811FN4
  • 12,54 gt
  • 11,95 meters length
  • 4,70 meters beam
  • 1,70 meters depth
  • Engine: 110hp diesel
  • Cruise speed 6 knots
  • VHF radio
  • Sonar
  • GPS

Why us?

The captains


OnTales differentiates in it's general quality of service, careful selection and use of environmental friendly products within regional and national standards.

The type of service for each vessel and their distinct character are different and capable of personalized offers in the sense to satisfy our customers.

Travelling with OnTales is a guarantee of sophisticated service which is led on market segments on which it operates.

Our business partners

OnTales has established commercial partnerships with a few companies and entities. +Fronteiras co-operates with OnTales on it's translation services.

OnTales has also been selected as one of the partnership entities for AFTM for it's audiovisual productions support on the south of Madeira island.





Madeira Island

Madeira is a true pearl that shines amidst the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It has about 741 km² of land territory, 57km in length and 22km wide. It's privileged geographical position and orographic mountain landscape give it amazingly pleasant climactic weather, with average smooth temperatures that vary between 25ºC in the summer and 17ºC in the winter, with a generally moderate humidity. The seawater is equally tempered, with average temperatures of 22ºC in the summer and 18ºC in the winter.

Archipelago of Madeira


The archipelago of Madeira is part of Portugal, and it's constituted by 2 populated islands, Madeira and Porto Santo and 2 uninhabited savage islands.

How to get there?


You can access the Island through aerial flights that are averagely 3 hours long or by maritime means, like cruisers. These transportation methods depend from country to country.

Why Madeira?


Madeira has countless reasons to visit and be explored, like it's pleasant temperature, fantastic landscape, almost complete access to the sea, many sport activities, the famous wicker chair rides (known as basket rides), our very own forest of Laurisilva, unique gastronomy and many other reasons.


We strive our very best to maintain a clean and natural maritime environment.

Responsible Tourism


Our company uses specific biodegradable materials for an elevated hygiene pattern onboard. We take preference over regional and national products when serving onboard while maintaining the ocean clean to protect sea life.

Science and Investigation


OnTales is participating in projects of research and development related to touristic maritime activities and the observation of cetaceans, contributing to a better understanding of the respective migratory routes of the cetacean population present in Madeira's waters. OnTales is also working on an investigation project to adopt new and efficient environment-friendly technologies on it's ships as well as it's monitoring systems of vertebrate fauna found on RAM's navy.



OnTales frequently registers images of dolphin and cetacean observations on a database that shares it's contents with I&D partners for a better knowledge of sea fauna in Madeira

Education and Partnerships


OnTales is always prepared to take in groups of young student investigators on leave, accompanied by marine biologists and other specialists of marine wildlife. OnTales was also chosem by the movie, TV and multimedia association of Madeira, to allow audiovisual productions in the seas of Madeira. OnTales is also partner with +Fronteiras, a language teaching company.