Eco On Tales

The sea is a precious place, we believe that it deserves to be preserved.

This our mission.

We value a non-invasive attitude for both the fauna and flora of the aquatic environment.

Responsible Tourism

On Tales is concerned by the impact our activity could have on the environment therefore we chose to use biodegradable materials and reuse some of the resources, whenever possible. Most of our cleaning and hygiene products carry the EU Ecolabel, depending… Read more »

Bottlenose Dolphin

Identification of the marine creatures

On Tales takes every opportunity to contribute to the improvement of knowledge and awareness of our environment. Thus, during each one of our cruises, we photograph and identify the amazing marine creatures we meet. This information is later shared with… Read more »

Research, education and partnership

Sharing knowledge always comes first !  We are available to welcome groups of students, researchers, marine biologists and other marine life specialists.