Meet the local wildlife ! 

Madeira Island is set on the migration route of a very diverse population of cetaceans and wildlife. Up to 32 species pass by or join our coasts as part of the migration process. We have gathered here the most frequently sighted ones .

Join us to meet them !

Short-finned pilot whale

Pilot Whales are quite fond of temperate seas like the ones of Madeira Island !  Typically their body is dark grey to black but with a lighter area near the dorsal fin. Their head is distinctive and round, with a… Read more »

Short-beaked Common Dolphin

Short-beaked Common Dolphin

These sweet dolphins can be up to 2 meters long! We usually see them from winter to spring. Some distinctive features of the Atlantic Common Dolphins include a black V-shaped back, yellow sides and a contrasting white belly.  Atlantic Common… Read more »

Loggerhead sea turtle

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

These lovely animals are marine reptiles. When they reach Madeira Island, we know that they have crossed the Atlantic Ocean from the coast of the American continent. They were born either in Florida or on the coast of Mexico. They… Read more »

Flying Fishes

Flying fishes are always surprising! They look just like swimming birds, can hold their breath for minutes at a time and can gain speeds of about 37 mph (underwater). They project themselves out of the water at high speed and once… Read more »

Cory’s Shearwater

Cory’s Shearwater

The Cory’s Shearwater is a constantly migrating seabird that use Madeira Islands for breeding and nesting. Colonies arrive in March, the offspring are born in May and they usually leave in October. Their body is elegant, spindle-shaped and long winged.… Read more »

On Tales Portuguese Man O'war

Portuguese Man’ O war

So colourful and enigmatic, the Portuguese Man’ O war is odd, yet charismatic. Although they look a lot like Jelly fishes, they are actually highly venomous ocean predators, made of  a colony of several small individual organisms that each have… Read more »

Bottlenose Dolphin

Bottlenose Dolphin

Bottlenose Dolphins are fantastic creatures and their jumps are spectacular !  This species visits us all year round! Their skin colour can vary from light grey to dark grey all over their body and they are considered to be large… Read more »

Sperm Whale

Sperm Whale

We can see these amazing marine mammals around Madeira almost all year round.  Sperm whales use our warm and calm sea to dive and eat, socialise and procreate.  Adult subjects can be up to 17 to 20 meters long!  Usually,… Read more »


Blainville’s beaked whale

These are shy and peaceful whales. Blainville’s beaked whales spend most of their time under water.  They are relatively small although they can reach 6 metres. Long and slim, the colour of their body can be from dark grey to dark… Read more »


Fin whale

This is the second largest mammal alive just after the Blue whale.  Fin whales can reach up to 20 meters long !  Although it is possible to observe them all year round, we tend to see them more often during… Read more »

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

Atlantic Spotted dolphin

This is a very playful dolphin! He is mostly seen in Madeira in the springtime and summertime. More often than not in large groups, usually very active and acrobatic, he likes to swim alongside our yacht! These dolphins present a… Read more »