Responsible Tourism

On Tales is concerned by the impact our activity could have on the environment.

This is why we chose to use biodegradable materials and reuse some of the resources, whenever possible. Most of our cleaning and hygiene products carry the EU Ecolabel, depending on their availability. We are proud to have chosen sustainable alternatives as an environment friendly company.

 Our infrastructures, including our boat “Miranda”, have been awarded both  “blue flag 2019” and “blue flag 2020 and 2021”, as a reward for our commitment to respect the environmental code of conduct. On Tales is sure to reaffirm this investment for the coming years. We do ensure that safety measures are in place at all times, so that our guests, our team and the environment remain safe.

The management team also seeks to support our local economy by choosing regional products served on-board or to use for business needs. We are currently developing an environmental project in partnership with local artisans to create merchandising materials for the company.

Besides that, we aim to protect all the wildlife that we come across, providing them with the necessary assistance when injured.