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The Experience

The Experience On Tales is available with 2 options to choose from:

Just select the one that feels irresistibly tailor-made for you … we make it happen!


Miranda Yacht – Shared cruise

Watch sea life in its natural habitat !  Experience the amazing marine life of the south west sea of Madeira Island, on-board Miranda, a comfortable engine powered yacht. Feel the happiness of meeting cetaceans in their natural habitat, discover local… Read more »

What our guests are saying...

Return visit from 2017, Brilliant day, highly knowledgeable professional crew and this time we saw whales too as well as Sheerwaters skimming over the waves . No hesitation in recommending you to join them on On Tales for a wonderful… Read more »

Tony, UK

On Tales is a brilliant company with friendly staff, excellent prices, a clean and comfy boat and great knowledge of the area and sea life. We saw 5 whales and went snorkelling. Definitely the highlight of our holiday. Would highly… Read more »

Anonymous from Essex, UK

We went on a trip with On Tales during our two week holiday on Madeira and loved it so much we went on another trip before we left! Both times we had an amazing experience and saw large pods of… Read more »

Stuart M.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience. Very friendly guides, cozy trip for 6 people, and some spectacular scenes to remember forever. We were not luck enough to see whales but we got to have a close shot of friendly dolphins and… Read more »

Puya A.

It is a fairly small boat but very well equipped (only for 8 passengers including the captain and a marine biologists). Below the deck is a small kitchenette with a fridge, a toilet and a space where you can leave… Read more »

Hana R.

We had such a great time, the highlight being following a Sei whale and having a pod of dolphins swimming and jumping right next to the boat. The boat is great and the crew are knowledgeable and respectful of the… Read more »

Alice Hoey

Fantastic! Took the kids (3 Girls – 9yr & 6yr old twins). The crew were brilliant with them, making sure they were safe, helping them get a good view and just generally being lovely. Really does feel like a personal… Read more »

Nick J.

Thank you for the amazing experience, we had an incredible time on your boat! During our trip we saw a flying fish and after a while we even saw whales (this is quite rare and because it was a mother with… Read more »

Sharon V.


Be an explorer

Be an explorer

Enjoy this experience to the fullest! Explore Madeira’s coastline and small villages set between natural cliffs and valleys, on-board Miranda; A refined and comfortable motor yacht. A truly unique way to visit our amazing island from the sea, be it… Read more »

Swim and snorkel

Swim and snorkel

Dive into warm and crystal-clear waters from our comfortable yacht, Miranda. Feel the freedom of swimming and snorkelling close to the coast. Be there to admire the rocky bottom and marine life of the South West Sea of Madeira Island.… Read more »

Sunset boat Madeira island


Experience the Sunset in the South West Ocean of Madeira Island on-board our yacht, Miranda. A refined and comfortable motor yacht. Feel the Ocean breeze enjoying a glass of sparkling wine. Be there while the sun and the stars switch… Read more »

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Whale and Dolphin Watching

Experience the amazing marine-life of Madeira Island, comfortably, on-board our yacht, Miranda. Enjoy the company of wild cetaceans, on the Atlantic ocean.  They cruise alongside us on their journey towards better waters. A life shaping Experience: Feel the presence of… Read more »


Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

Stenella frontalis

This is a very playful dolphin! Spotted dolphins are mostly seen, in Madeira, in the springtime and summertime and, more often than not, in large groups! Usually very active and acrobatic, they like to swim alongside our yacht! Spotted dolphins… Read more »

Short-beaked Common Dolphin

Delphinus delphis

These sweet dolphins can be almost 2 meters long ! We meet them mostly in springtime and wintertime. There are a few characteristics that distinguish them from other species, such as yellow coloured sides with a darker V-shaped back. A… Read more »

Bottlenose Dolphin

Tursiops truncatus

These amazing dolphins choose to live in Madeira, all year round! Their skin colour can vary from light to dark grey according to the areas of the body. Round headed, the nose is thick and short and they can measure… Read more »

Short-finned pilot whale

Globicephala macrorhynchus

Pilot whales love tropical and temperate waters like Madeira’s sea! Usually, their body is dark-grey to black with a lighter spot behind the dorsal fin.  Characteristically round headed with a large forehead and a short snout, they can be up… Read more »

Sperm Whale

Physeter macrocephalus

We can see these amazing animals around Madeira all year round. Sperm whales use our warm and calm sea to dive and eat, socialise and procreate.  Adult subjects can be up to 17 to 20 meters long! Usually, we use… Read more »

Blainville’s Beaked Whale

Mesoplodon densirostris

These whales are calm and shy but we love them just the same! We mainly meet them in the summertime. Usually, they feel safer deeper, especially when boats are around. Relatively small, only about 4,5 meters long. Their body is… Read more »

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Caretta caretta

Turtles! These lovely animals are adorable marine reptiles, most often born on the beaches of Florida or on the Mexican Atlantic coast. They swim to Madeira when they reach 1 year old, and only when over 15 to 30 years… Read more »

Cory’s Shearwater

Calonetris borealis

The Cory’s Shearwater is a constantly migrating seabird that use Madeira Islands for breeding and nesting. Colonies arrive in March, the offspring are born in May and they usually leave in October. Their body is elegant, spindle-shaped and long winged.… Read more »

Who we are

On Tales was created in 2015, in order to allow you to contemplate the magnificent creatures that inhabit the Maderian seas, taking for mission a respectful exploration of the natural habitat and of the sea.

We aim to introduce our clients to some of the wonders of our coasts, attending to their needs whenever possible and maintaining a healthy relationship with sea-life, to allow future generations to enjoy it as much as we do.

We offer a service of excellence, such as “on tales”. On board our yacht Miranda” our qualified professional crew, passionate of sea-life, will be taking care of you. Guests only have to relax and indulge into the ocean’s charms.

On Tales is a young company dedicated to maritime touristic tours. We sail out from the Marina da Calheta to admire the South coast of the island. Knowledge of our surroundings, comfort and safety are the fundamental principles that guide and motivate us. The On Tales team aims to provide our guests with the best possible experience.

On Tales is already a reference on the well-known TripAdvisor portal and is within the top 5 of the attractions of Madeira Island.

Our business partners

Taking into account the say “if you want to go fast, go alone but, if you want to go further, go accompanied”, we created strategic partnerships that hopefully, will help us go further ! 

One of our main partner is the AFTM – Associação do Filme, Televisão e Multimédia da Madeira selected On Tales as a reference partner to support audiovisual productions for the south of Madeira Island. They also help us manage the audiovisual productions we use.

Madeira island

The Madeira archipelago is composed of Madeira Island, Porto Santo Island, the Desertas Islands and the Savage Islands. Madeira and Porto Santo are the only inhabited islands that we can explore freely, since Desertas and Savages are classified as Nature Reserves, and require a special permit. 

Our archipelago is set in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and benefits from a very pleasant climate with temperatures ranging from 17°C to 25°C, and a water temperature between 18°C and 22°C. 

This is why Madeira is also known as the Pearl of the Atlantic ! A real paradise where you can walk in the mountains or bathe in warm water, at any time of the year. Madeira Island is also one of the best places in the world to observe whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. It is only up to you to join us …