Hana R.

It is a fairly small boat but very well equipped (only for 8 passengers including the captain and a marine biologists). Below the deck is a small kitchenette with a fridge, a toilet and a space where you can leave your luggage for safekeeping. The captain provided the perfect service during the trip and the marine biologists answered any question we could possibly have about the local marine life. Unfortunately during our first trip we did not find any dolphins or whales which we came to see. However the captain offered a free of charge alternative trip on day of our choosing. Second time we were lucky enough to find a group of dolphins who were keeping within a close proximity to the boat and easy for us to observe for quite a while. On both occasions the weather was perfect. We were offered a swimming of the deck of the boat. However as we prefer to observe the marine life we have declined it and our fellow passengers as well. We can highly recommend this to anyone.