Madeira Safe to Discover

We definitely want to position Madeira island at the top of your list of safe destinations to travel to ! Madeira Safe to Discover is part of a certification process that was setup to ensure good practices across the Region in order to minimise risks in the wake of Covid-19.  

It wasn’t so difficult for On Tales because we were already used to working according to procedures. Still they were updated and we adhered to the Clean & Safe (a Visit Portugal initiative) label as soon as it was made available. 

Of course, we also adhere to the regional certification by observing restrictions of maximum boat capacity, wearing of personal protective equipment, performing adequate disinfection of all surfaces and reusable equipment, as well as maintaining social distancing.

A specific Prevention, Monitoring and Surveillance plan is in place throughout our infrastructure.

Working according to the maritime weather conditions on a daily basis, comfort and safety measures always were our main concern, for our guests, our team members, wildlife and the environment !