Loggerhead Sea Turtle

  • Loggerhead sea turtle

    Caretta caretta

These lovely animals are marine reptiles. When they reach Madeira Island, we know that they have crossed the Atlantic Ocean from the coast of the American continent. They were born either in Florida or on the coast of Mexico.

They swim to Madeira when they reach 1 year old. Only when over 15 to 30 years old do they decide to go back to the american coastline to spend their last days. 

Juvenile turtles usually range from 15.5 cm to 72.2 cm. Adult ones can grow to more than one meter long !

The head is large in relation to the size of the body.

They stay in the water for long periods to warm up with the sunlight.

Loggerhead Sea Turtles live in Madeira  for 15 to 30 years.